The quality and cost of mosquito control and misting systems can vary greatly, but with Majestic Lighting Design, you are not only receiving top of the line misting systems but also unmatched design and installation experience. We are more then capable to give you a one of a kind solution to your needs for the comfort of your patio. With the purchase of your mosquito control or misting system, we offer robust maintenance packages, warranties, and long lasting products. We partner with Coastal Mosquito Control of Houston, Texas for all mosquito installations.

10% Off Any Mosquito Control Misting System If You Also Purchase A Outdoor Landscape Lighting System.

Do not let mosquitoes ruin your summer and keep you from being outdoors. Within the first twenty-four hours you will notice a dramatic reduction of pests.  Call Majestic today to see how a mosquito control or outdoor misting system can help you relax and joy your home in Houston more than ever!